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Storage Tips

  1. Purchase Self Storage Renter's Insurance.
  2. Read and follow the terms of your self storage lease agreement.
  3. Pay your rent on time or sign up for auto-pay to avoid late fees.
  4. Do not store any heirlooms, collectibles, or items of sentimental value. Do not store anything of significant financial value. And always purchase self storage renter's insurance.
  5. Do not arrive just before closing time.
  6. Be respectful to the onsite management staff.
  7. Do Not Store Any Hazardous or Highly-Flammable Materials.
  8. Do not store anything which might rot or decay.
  9. When in doubt, throw it out or donate it. Lighten your load in life.
  10. Try to find the good in other people. It is always there but may need some warmth and a smile to coax it out.